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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Calming the Drama

“Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.” Ephesians 4:2
This past week has been spent in a place where I could feel very out of control and very frustrated. Due to some circumstances we were placed in a precarious position and had to deal with the circumstances this week. It has been a very humbling experience. I could have let emotions run high and get the best of me. But all week I have heard the Lord tell me to "Trust Him". We say this all the time but do we really Trust God. Do we really do as the scripture tells us. To humble ourselves and be patient as we wait upon Him.

Too often, when my expectations aren’t met or I’m faced with things I can’t control, my emotions and thoughts spin out of control. Before I know it, I start talking before I even think about what I’m about to say. And all that wise instruction about being humble, gentle and patient is quickly forgotten.
What about you? Do you ever yell at your kids or let frustrations mount when plans and expectations spin out of control? Do you suffer from a little of your own  drama?

This week God gave me another “opportunity” to choose humility, gentleness and patience with my self. Yesterday as I walked out of the door I could have chosen to let the drama get the best of me and spin out of control or I could chose to Trust God and be patient and humble. By chosing to be humble and patient a few thing happened. First of all I knew God was totally in charge, not me. I could let the Lord walk ahead of me and pave the way. Upon leaving the house just up the road a car pulled down our street and the front license plate said "Trust God". I think the Lord knew I needed another remembrance to put all my trust in Him. To again be patient and humble.

Thankfully I can say, that morning, I paused and gave way to the Holy Spirit’s leading. And my desire for peace to become my new norm and to leave drama behind was successful!
So, how do we do this on an ongoing basis? How do we choose to be humble, patient and bear with our husband, children, friends, and problems in love?
If time allows, I have found it’s really good to pull away from the situation and give myself a time out. Removing myself, if even for just a moment, affords me the opportunity to humble myself before God and ask Him to help me regroup my runaway emotions and submit my thoughts to the control of the Holy Spirit. Pulling away also shows my family and friends the benefits, like patience and gentleness, that result when I don’t allow my emotions to rule over me.
If there isn’t time to physically remove myself from the situation, there is always enough time to take a deep breath and invite the Holy Spirit to bring me wisdom and self-control.
When we surrender our emotions, our actions and our reactions to God, peace can become our new norm as we choose to leave drama behind!
Dear Lord, today help me to leave behind the drama that exists and use me to be a peace maker in my home and my church and all of my surroundings. I want to learn to give myself a time out and ask the Holy Spirit to enter each situation I find myself in. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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